Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

The title says it all folks. I’ve enrolled us (gotta love parent participation 😐😟😒) in swim lessons. Parker is 5 and we’ve been meaning to sign her up last yr but, life 🙆🏼 so we’re finally doing it! And figured why not do classes for Marley too. She turn’s 2 in July, and “they say” the earlier, the better, right?!

Right 👌🏼(let’s get it straight before people say they love/hate parent participation classes 🙋🏼this ain’t my first rodeo. I have done yearsss of parent participation classes 😂Marley and I even do a parent participation gymnastics class on Tuesdays right now, while P is in her big girl class 😊But swimming sucks because I have to shave, wear a bathing suit, get in the water (not that I hate water but it’s been way cooler than usual in Roseville, CA and its cold in the dang pool!), and then encourage my child 👏🏼 that is cold 👏🏼 as well 👏🏼 lol. So it’s just sometimes rough😳, but fun at times😎, and actually really rad to see the growth, and experience it so closely with them. But girrrrrrl 😶shits cold, shaving sucks, and it was every day last week 😐3 more classes left! 🙌🏼I’m done!

My sweet Parker girl has never loved getting her eyes wet (even closed, I mean of course eyes are closed in water lol, but I’m just saying water on the eyes in any way, is torture to this kid😳), getting splashed in a pool, splash pads are a forbidden for her🚫, and she will bawl her eyes out when any of these events happens😭. Life 🙆🏼🙈yay. So when daddy and I mentioned we’re starting lessons.. and then the actual day comes and we start lessons 😟😬

The girl was devastated. A complete, terrified, wreck. And I am a total sap for fear. And something really frightening you. And getting past it. And my husband and I are all for not emotionally damaging our child🙌🏼. We related. We explained. We showed examples. Heck, I even scheduled the classes to where Parker watches Marley and I go first. And then we watch big sister when we’re done!

That first day was the hardest.

Marley was so/so the first day. It was SO hot! So she had no problem just getting acquainted with the water. But when it came time to try to blow bubbles in the water.. she was not a fan. But with a few distractions has always come around in class and ends up enjoying it. No worries🙈, mama is just dealing with emotions left and right from these girls, it just takes time for them to come around 😬👏🏼🙌🏼

Today was day 5 (it’s felt like we’ve been doing this for a month now lol). And BOTH🙌🏼. GIRLS🙌🏼. Not only got through the class with no tears, but made leaps and bounds! 🏊🏼🙌🏼

We may have told P after that first rough day, that if she could be brave and get her face wet without any tears, she could pick out a small toy🙆🏼.. a little something to give her the drive to actually want to try (instead of crying and being a complete wreck every time her face got wet😳😭) so she can get a toy🙆🏼. And ever since we made that negotiation

She has been a complete champ!

No shame. I don’t consider that bribing. I consider that facing her fear, and rewarding her for succeeding at it!

And ever since getting her face in the water, and overcoming that huge step, she really likes swim lessons (hallelujah!🙌🏼)! And now we have a 2 day break over the weekend and she’s ready for more! I told her we still luckily have 3 more classes next week, and are you ready for it?! She said: “that’s it?! I want to swim every day like we’ve been doing!” So.. I might sign her up again?! 🙆🏼we’ll see if it works out to get another 2 weeks in before our camping trip in August☺️But Marley and I.. I think we’ll stick to just this round of classes for the summer 🙅🏼

I just love that my husband and I are so sensitive to their little soles. And so on the same page in life. I think it’s really important to talk about feelings so that we’re able to feel strong and confident in hard/unknown situations and know that you’re feelings matter. We’re here to guide you. You can always talk to us. And if you’re ever uncomfortable with something please let us know. But swimming is something almost everyone does. And I promise you, you want in on swimming fun for the rest of your life with confidence that you wont drown. Point blank 🙆🏼

I feel like I’m ranting on now and should let you go lol

So! I hope you all are having a great summer! And to sum up this post…

I’m almost positive my kids enjoy water now. Bath time is now shower time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 I’ve reached a new milestone and baths are only at will now lol P has been able to shower now for a while and Marley LOVES showers now.

Our water journey shall continue!

How is your summer going?! Can anyone relate to going to swim lessons with your kiddos? Did they hate water? How do you overcome hard situations with your children? Let’s chat about it! I’d love to hear from ya’all!😊

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

I had SO many zucchinis left over from the week that I never ended up using with our dinners (mom fail. I just wasn’t in a zucchini mood!🙆🏼). So when I saw that one was starting to look sad and growing a little fuz😬 (eeek🙅🏼) I figured I’d better use up the other 4 before they start too (I hate wasting food and rarely do, just sometimes shit happens, ya know?!🙋🏼).

When I’m on the hunt for a recipe, I resort to All Recipes, because I feel like it’s just easier and faster to find a specific recipe on this site. Pinterest is absolutely amazing too, but I get way too side tracked with some things that are totally left field 🙈(clothing, nails, furniture, crafts, I mean… I was just looking for a tuna casserole recipe 🙆🏼but shit is too catchy these days! I’m so guilty 🙈 Pinterest is an addiction 🙈🙊). So on that note…

I found a freaking delicious recipe. Quickly,😂on All Recipes .

The only things I changed were:

  • Used vinegar, instead of lemon juice (just 1/2 a tablespoon)
  • Unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, instead of normal milk
  • Canola oil, instead of vegetable (all I had on hand🙆🏼)
  • Added nutmeg (because we looove nutmeg in this household!)

So! Pop on over to All Recipes right here! And make these! I promise🙋🏼 to never ever post a recipe unless it’s family approved💪🏼 lol so trust me, when I say, these are legit yumminess👅. And  vegetables are snuck in🙌🏼 (these girls only like broccoli😏, so when I can get another vegetable a chance😂, I feel vindicated!)! It felt so good watching those cuties demolish them!😊

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5 Things to make your day with kid’s easier!

5 Things to make your day with kid’s easier!




Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

Let’s face it, these tiny humans are lunatics (you feel me?!) and I need any and all things that will make our day smoother! How? What are these things, you ask? Well…

  1. For one, I’m a clean freak. As my husband likes to tease, I’m his “Monica.” So the number one thing I use ALL. DAY. is Lysol disinfecting wipes. Sometimes Target has them in a 4 pack on clearance and then I buy like 3 packs of them and I’m the happiest ever (cleaning supplies and a good deal?! Heaven.)  And the reason I use disinfecting wipes isn’t just because I’m a clean freak, but because my kids are walking magnets for germs. So I wipe down everything, and not like compulsively, just if something needs wiped or a toy looks gross, they’re easy to grab. Oh.. okay this might sound compulsive now… or just really smart! I can’t take credit though, shout out to my girl Katie who told me she keeps these under her bathroom cabinets and in the kitchen for a quick wipe and then I became obsessed.. you created a monster Katie! lol love you though thaaanks! Kay, moving on..
  2. Since we’re on the topic of wipes, and I have a 4 yr old and 1 year old, we need wipes. Lots and lots of wipes. Flushable and non-flushable (baby wipes. but you know what I meant, right?).. because there is a lotta wiping over here (sorry, not sorry? lol ’tis life). Parker loves these wipes. Weird, I know, right? Why does a 4 year old like flushable wipes? Because potty training sucks and teaching someone how to wipe their own butt is QUITE the task! So when I was like duh Ericka, the girl needs flushable wipes. Game. Changer. Let’s just say I know the girl can wipe her own butt and do it well. And now the whole family uses them because why not lol. Actually, my husband and I have a bidét (no shame. We love it. It’s amazing and anytime you have “to go” without one, sucks. lol). And then, for little Marley, we use these, or the up and up brand at Target.
  3. Get outside! We love going for walks to the park, and I love that everyone’s exhausted afterwards. Pack up the puffs, sippy cups, Parker rides her bike now (woo-hoo! the stroller is a littlllle lighter lol) and I push Marley along and walk our dog. We have an awesome sit and stand stroller that, at first I thought might be a little tacky, but it was way more affordable than a double stroller, and Parker rarely sits in the stroller so I liked that I wasn’t pushing around a wide stroller with no one in the passenger seat, BUT! On the occasion that we are walking, and her “legs are tirrrrrred” then she can hop on and have a seat, eat a snack, whatever 🙂 and we’re on our merry way. Not to mention this fresh, crisp, fall weather is a breath of fresh air!
  4. Life is so much easier smoother when snacks are prepped for you, or your kiddo, to grab. I took ‘easier’ back because it’s actually a pain in the ass to wash, dry, and cut up all the fruit, but I love myself for it when P wants strawberries and I’m in the middle of doing something and can say go ahead and grab some yourself with EASE!
  5.  Wine. White preferably. Just kidding! Or am I..

What do you do to make your day go more smoothly? Chime in! I love learning new ways!

Love always,