Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

The title says it all folks. I’ve enrolled us (gotta love parent participation 😐😟😒) in swim lessons. Parker is 5 and we’ve been meaning to sign her up last yr but, life 🙆🏼 so we’re finally doing it! And figured why not do classes for Marley too. She turn’s 2 in July, and “they say” the earlier, the better, right?!

Right 👌🏼(let’s get it straight before people say they love/hate parent participation classes 🙋🏼this ain’t my first rodeo. I have done yearsss of parent participation classes 😂Marley and I even do a parent participation gymnastics class on Tuesdays right now, while P is in her big girl class 😊But swimming sucks because I have to shave, wear a bathing suit, get in the water (not that I hate water but it’s been way cooler than usual in Roseville, CA and its cold in the dang pool!), and then encourage my child 👏🏼 that is cold 👏🏼 as well 👏🏼 lol. So it’s just sometimes rough😳, but fun at times😎, and actually really rad to see the growth, and experience it so closely with them. But girrrrrrl 😶shits cold, shaving sucks, and it was every day last week 😐3 more classes left! 🙌🏼I’m done!

My sweet Parker girl has never loved getting her eyes wet (even closed, I mean of course eyes are closed in water lol, but I’m just saying water on the eyes in any way, is torture to this kid😳), getting splashed in a pool, splash pads are a forbidden for her🚫, and she will bawl her eyes out when any of these events happens😭. Life 🙆🏼🙈yay. So when daddy and I mentioned we’re starting lessons.. and then the actual day comes and we start lessons 😟😬

The girl was devastated. A complete, terrified, wreck. And I am a total sap for fear. And something really frightening you. And getting past it. And my husband and I are all for not emotionally damaging our child🙌🏼. We related. We explained. We showed examples. Heck, I even scheduled the classes to where Parker watches Marley and I go first. And then we watch big sister when we’re done!

That first day was the hardest.

Marley was so/so the first day. It was SO hot! So she had no problem just getting acquainted with the water. But when it came time to try to blow bubbles in the water.. she was not a fan. But with a few distractions has always come around in class and ends up enjoying it. No worries🙈, mama is just dealing with emotions left and right from these girls, it just takes time for them to come around 😬👏🏼🙌🏼

Today was day 5 (it’s felt like we’ve been doing this for a month now lol). And BOTH🙌🏼. GIRLS🙌🏼. Not only got through the class with no tears, but made leaps and bounds! 🏊🏼🙌🏼

We may have told P after that first rough day, that if she could be brave and get her face wet without any tears, she could pick out a small toy🙆🏼.. a little something to give her the drive to actually want to try (instead of crying and being a complete wreck every time her face got wet😳😭) so she can get a toy🙆🏼. And ever since we made that negotiation

She has been a complete champ!

No shame. I don’t consider that bribing. I consider that facing her fear, and rewarding her for succeeding at it!

And ever since getting her face in the water, and overcoming that huge step, she really likes swim lessons (hallelujah!🙌🏼)! And now we have a 2 day break over the weekend and she’s ready for more! I told her we still luckily have 3 more classes next week, and are you ready for it?! She said: “that’s it?! I want to swim every day like we’ve been doing!” So.. I might sign her up again?! 🙆🏼we’ll see if it works out to get another 2 weeks in before our camping trip in August☺️But Marley and I.. I think we’ll stick to just this round of classes for the summer 🙅🏼

I just love that my husband and I are so sensitive to their little soles. And so on the same page in life. I think it’s really important to talk about feelings so that we’re able to feel strong and confident in hard/unknown situations and know that you’re feelings matter. We’re here to guide you. You can always talk to us. And if you’re ever uncomfortable with something please let us know. But swimming is something almost everyone does. And I promise you, you want in on swimming fun for the rest of your life with confidence that you wont drown. Point blank 🙆🏼

I feel like I’m ranting on now and should let you go lol

So! I hope you all are having a great summer! And to sum up this post…

I’m almost positive my kids enjoy water now. Bath time is now shower time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 I’ve reached a new milestone and baths are only at will now lol P has been able to shower now for a while and Marley LOVES showers now.

Our water journey shall continue!

How is your summer going?! Can anyone relate to going to swim lessons with your kiddos? Did they hate water? How do you overcome hard situations with your children? Let’s chat about it! I’d love to hear from ya’all!😊

One Whole Year

One Whole Year

(This is a way late post that I wrote a few months ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting, but would be sad if I never got this one out so here it is 🙂 almost 3 months late! )

I’m still in awe that my little baby is a year old.  It was the slowest and fastest year of my life.  There were moments that I wish I could stop time and hold on to forever, and moments I wished I could fast forward and speed past (lol).  It was the hardest, trying, most unaware of, learning curved, aha filled, happy tears, sad frustrated tears, smiles, laughs, talks, whispers, shouts, yells, and peaceful quietness.  It was a roller coaster.  A ride I would ride all over again and again with you. You went from eating, sleeping, and pooping, to a mobile, talking, and full of spunk and personality little human! You drive me insane and you are also my sanity. You are… my everything.  You are my best friend.  And I couldn’t be more blessed to be your mama.

Through all of the amazingly hard times (that I NEVER expected in a million years would be so damn hard), I think we’re getting the hang of this thing.  I’m learning just as you are.  We’re learning together.  And we totally and completely get each other now.  I was never much of a fast learner so I don’t know why I assumed I’d be such a pro at this motherhood thing from the beginning. Everyone says it’ll come naturally, and it definitely does, they just didn’t mention it takes time. 

I wouldn’t trade this full time job for any other in the world.  You’ve taught me so much.  You’ve taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things. You’ve taught me patience.  You’ve taught me that even in the hardest of times, I can and will figure it out.  Perseverance.  You’ve taught me more than any boss ever could.  We figure things out together and work together.  We make a great team.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. You are such a joy.  Watching you grow is so beautiful to witness.  You look at everything with such a light in your eye.  I love you so so sooooo much.  You’ve forever changed my life and have added so much beauty to our world.  You are blossoming kid, and it’s amazing to see.

working from home

working from home

Sometimes being a stay at home mom, you get so preoccupied taking care of everything and always thinking of what’s next or how can I help, what can I do, that before you know it the whole week went by! With the new year (already flying by!) my husband and I decided to introduce a budget in to our life so we can begin to stack that paper and start saving for our baby’s lifestyle, college, a house, god forbid an accident or whatever! It’s good to have a savings.  Our goal is to (eventually, it’s a work in progress!) live off of last month’s paychecks, and save as well… And man! The beginning was hard! We use an app called YNAB (you need a budget), and it’s awesome! You track every penny that comes in and every penny that goes out. And as a SAHM and being the one who usually runs the errands and spends, I felt the need to contribute somehow and make cuts where I could.  And with my almost 11 month old running around, taking care of the house, and feeding everyone… I felt defeated.

I tried Amazons Mechanical Turk, making pennies (literally pennies!) per little job I would finish online.  I know some people make decent money doing this, but I can’t sit on the computer doing timed jobs unless it was during nap time, and for some reason I feel like she napped shorter every time I tried to get work in!  So I made .13… awesome… so I called it quits with that because this mama don’t got any time for that! Then I read and researched other at home jobs I could do and came across being a virtual assistant. Awesome, I thought! Then I read the requirements… the one’s I found want you to work full time 9-5… and I can’t guarantee my teething child wont scream if I need to be on the phone… not to mention I don’t know some of the programs some sites require you to know… so.. there went that.  Then I saw you can get paid to do surveys! Cool, I love surveys (I’m weird, yada yada lol)! But the more I tried to do surveys, some weren’t available to me, and most were trying to get me to just buy things. So F word… I spent 2 pointless weeks trying to make some money and literally just wasted precious time with my baby girl and lots of unnecessary added stress.

Things were not bad at home, we were still eating all the delicious yummy (healthy!) meals I make (meal planning helps tremendously cut down a grocery bill when you know exactly what you’re going to make and what you need to make it, instead of just buying whatever and hoping to make stuff out of it), getting out on the weekends , gas in the vehicles, diapers, formula.. we were doing just fine! We were just being more aware of what was being spent (and not spending frivolously on coffees and random grocery/target stops) and allotted a certain amount of money towards groceries, each bill, spending money, and spending wisely, knowing where each dollar spent was going. I just wanted to try and contribute. But my husband reminded me that I do contribute. I take care of this family. I take care of this house. I take care of business every day, my biggest job being our beautiful daughter, then all the household stuff, making all the meals, cleaning, laundry, running errands, taking the dog on a walk, trash (so much trash! normal trash, recycling, litter, diapers!), and so so much more that each new day throws my way. I take care of it. And I needed that reminder. It’s never a good feeling to feel like you don’t contribute… but it’s always a great feeling when your reminded of how much you do do and how much you’re appreciated and how much you really do contribute. So don’t be so hard on yourself. And enjoy being the super mom/wife you are 🙂