Tidying Up

Tidying Up

2019 has kind of felt like it’s starting off on a very nice “tidying” note.. I think we can thank Marie Kondo and our undying love for Netflix annnnnd maybe Khloe Kardashion 🙆🏼🙈 (technically, I may cringe to admit it😬, but I really like her. Why cringe? ..there’s so many Kardashion haters out there that are adamant about their hatred for them (so sometime’s I just wont admit I like them🙈) but I’m trying to be unapologetically me, and I like her. She has always had an organizational bug in her 😍(I mean the cookie jars on the counters😍, the pantry😍😍😍, the closet😍😍😍😍.. She’s always had her shit tidy and I’ve noticed lol)😂😍

And I mean watching Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” on Netflix makes you want to pull everything out of everywhere, and make big ‘ol piles, and see what sparks joy and what doesn’t. 😂

And then,

put it all back, but organized 😌🙌🏼, neatly 👏🏼(even in perfect little rectangles. her folding methods are life. changing. 🙌🏼lol). Everything should have a place.👏🏼

That’s the worst part 🙈, for me🙋🏼, at least.. I get major analysis paralysis when it comes to keeping things in specific spots, and then, months later, my husband is like ‘this makes no sense’ lol because I’ve moved everything around instead of putting it back in the same place (anyone else guilty?!… just me?!) 🙈

So, I’m really tryyyyying!

To get it together.


Get ready for it..

Not just the house, but the household.🙊

Households can get crazy and need some tidying of their own. And as crazy as it may sound.. Or maybe it doesn’t sound crazy.. I just thought it was weird on the show, how some of the couples mentioned that they feel like their life is more organized and put together after going through their tidying process… I GET ITTT! 🙌🏼 The more I’ve been organizing and getting my shit together… my shit 👏🏼 is actually 👏🏼 coming together 👏🏼 because I feel so much more on top of it after clearing through all the clutter and organizing.. It’s like I know what I want and I’m getting it💁🏼. Ariana anyone?! Lol sorry I had to🙊It’s so true though! I see it👀 (the beautiful organized homes all over Pinterest). I like it 😍(I mean how could you not?). I want it 🙏🏼(I do, it’s so true. I’m flipping out over the progress I have made, and though it’s nowhere near Pinterest or Insta perfect, it’s waaaaay better😌). I got getting it (it’s a work in progress 🙆🏼). I really am enjoying going through everything. I’m not full on Marie Kondo’ing it. But I did start with organizing clothing drawers, and then organized the kitchen pantry, and then the kitchen cupboards.. Then decided the girls needed a toy rotation because they have so 👏🏼much 👏🏼stuff 👏🏼! They literally weren’t even playing with everything and it was basically sitting there.. So! That sent me on a rampage of organizing all their toys into bins. And I have a cute little toy basket that they can fit enough toys into to play with for the week, and at the end of the week, we put everything aside, go “shopping”, put away last week’s toys, and then they get to play with their new ones for the week and so on (so proud of myself for finally doing this🙌🏼. My husband suggested it many times before 😏 but the challenge wasn’t calling my name until recently when I just did the damn thing 🙆🏼lol so pat on the back because it’s no easy task to go through toys and organize them into bins when your toddler wakes up way earlier than usual from her nap because she probably heard me going through the toys in her sister’s room. Yay me!😳 It probably took 2 hours longer than necessary with toddlers in the way. You are warned. It’s a timely, yet, life changing chore!) I think the toy rotation thing might need a post of its own because I could really elaborate but I got more shit to say about tidying so, onward!

That’s where I’ve been since the beginning of the new year people. Literally spiraling in this amazing “tidying” frenzy. But I mean really, this is a pretty cool year.  Going through all the amazing things we do have, and getting rid of the unnecessary crap 🙊things  (thank you🙏🏼), and donating it. Making space for the things we truly appreciate and love. Knowing where everything is (that👏🏼, is a time saver/life saver, in itself lol💃🏼), not being so stressed out and being more prepared and on top of it😌. Knowing that you can, and to just do it 💪🏼(instead of over thinking, doubting, spiraling lol)

You’ve got this 🙌🏼

Just get to it 😉 stop thinking about it. And go do it 👏🏼. I promise you, you will not be upset that you organized your night stand or medicine cabinet or closet.. However you start, where ever you start, you started 😘 and I bet you’ll love it and crave more (…thaaaaat could just be me🙈, I really enjoy this shit, but maybe not! You might love it too!)

Has tidying been taking over your world too?! Any amazing tips/advice to share with me? Head over to my Instagram and give me a follow! I promise I’ll start posting my progress on my home and I’d love to see your progress too! #momminonthedaily

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