New Year, Same You, But Better

New Year, Same You, But Better

The start of a new calendar year always feels so refreshing 😌 It is a new year. Technically, we’re all the same people as yesterday, but, it’s kinda special on New Year’s day, all trying to be a little bit (or a lot bit) better than last year. My resolution, is to not be so damn hard on myself, focus more on things I like, not be embarrassed of who I am… believe in myself more.. Be a strong wife and mom and friend. To not be afraid to shoot for the stars and try new things (I don’t know about you, but I doubt myself a lot, so attempting projects.. The self judgement is so strong, instead of just trying to enjoy the cool project at hand… same? Or just me? 🙈)

So this year, I’m just gonna put it out there 🙆🏼You’re going to find a lot of my loves, like: family, toddlerhood, stay at home mom rants 🙊, cooking and baking fails and wins, projects I’ve been wanting to do. Just me 💃🏼 Living life. Motherhood ain’t easy. But it’s also taught me the most about my inner strength 💪🏼and what I can accomplish.. So the self doubt just needs to f off and I’m just going to start trying to overcome my own doubts and start thinking more positively👏🏼

Hopefully, my vulnerability, will show that there’s no perfect highlight reel. We all are living this life, trying to be the best version of ourselves. Mistakes will be made. But those mistakes are lessons learned (I fucking hated hearing that back in the day lol but it is true) and I’m starting to feel like my only mistake lately is not being true to myself and just putting myself out there and doing the damn thing. Because I’ve wanted to for so long, so I feel like I owe it to myself, and to you (you wonderful person who is still reading this! lol)

So happy New Year 🍻🎉 I’m just gonna keep it real on here and have fun with it 🙆🏼 hope you enjoy! I’m excited! What about you? Any resolutions? Let’s hear ’em! 🙋🏼

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