One Whole Year

One Whole Year

(This is a way late post that I wrote a few months ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting, but would be sad if I never got this one out so here it is 🙂 almost 3 months late! )

I’m still in awe that my little baby is a year old.  It was the slowest and fastest year of my life.  There were moments that I wish I could stop time and hold on to forever, and moments I wished I could fast forward and speed past (lol).  It was the hardest, trying, most unaware of, learning curved, aha filled, happy tears, sad frustrated tears, smiles, laughs, talks, whispers, shouts, yells, and peaceful quietness.  It was a roller coaster.  A ride I would ride all over again and again with you. You went from eating, sleeping, and pooping, to a mobile, talking, and full of spunk and personality little human! You drive me insane and you are also my sanity. You are… my everything.  You are my best friend.  And I couldn’t be more blessed to be your mama.

Through all of the amazingly hard times (that I NEVER expected in a million years would be so damn hard), I think we’re getting the hang of this thing.  I’m learning just as you are.  We’re learning together.  And we totally and completely get each other now.  I was never much of a fast learner so I don’t know why I assumed I’d be such a pro at this motherhood thing from the beginning. Everyone says it’ll come naturally, and it definitely does, they just didn’t mention it takes time. 

I wouldn’t trade this full time job for any other in the world.  You’ve taught me so much.  You’ve taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things. You’ve taught me patience.  You’ve taught me that even in the hardest of times, I can and will figure it out.  Perseverance.  You’ve taught me more than any boss ever could.  We figure things out together and work together.  We make a great team.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. You are such a joy.  Watching you grow is so beautiful to witness.  You look at everything with such a light in your eye.  I love you so so sooooo much.  You’ve forever changed my life and have added so much beauty to our world.  You are blossoming kid, and it’s amazing to see.

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