working from home

working from home

Sometimes being a stay at home mom, you get so preoccupied taking care of everything and always thinking of what’s next or how can I help, what can I do, that before you know it the whole week went by! With the new year (already flying by!) my husband and I decided to introduce a budget in to our life so we can begin to stack that paper and start saving for our baby’s lifestyle, college, a house, god forbid an accident or whatever! It’s good to have a savings.  Our goal is to (eventually, it’s a work in progress!) live off of last month’s paychecks, and save as well… And man! The beginning was hard! We use an app called YNAB (you need a budget), and it’s awesome! You track every penny that comes in and every penny that goes out. And as a SAHM and being the one who usually runs the errands and spends, I felt the need to contribute somehow and make cuts where I could.  And with my almost 11 month old running around, taking care of the house, and feeding everyone… I felt defeated.

I tried Amazons Mechanical Turk, making pennies (literally pennies!) per little job I would finish online.  I know some people make decent money doing this, but I can’t sit on the computer doing timed jobs unless it was during nap time, and for some reason I feel like she napped shorter every time I tried to get work in!  So I made .13… awesome… so I called it quits with that because this mama don’t got any time for that! Then I read and researched other at home jobs I could do and came across being a virtual assistant. Awesome, I thought! Then I read the requirements… the one’s I found want you to work full time 9-5… and I can’t guarantee my teething child wont scream if I need to be on the phone… not to mention I don’t know some of the programs some sites require you to know… so.. there went that.  Then I saw you can get paid to do surveys! Cool, I love surveys (I’m weird, yada yada lol)! But the more I tried to do surveys, some weren’t available to me, and most were trying to get me to just buy things. So F word… I spent 2 pointless weeks trying to make some money and literally just wasted precious time with my baby girl and lots of unnecessary added stress.

Things were not bad at home, we were still eating all the delicious yummy (healthy!) meals I make (meal planning helps tremendously cut down a grocery bill when you know exactly what you’re going to make and what you need to make it, instead of just buying whatever and hoping to make stuff out of it), getting out on the weekends , gas in the vehicles, diapers, formula.. we were doing just fine! We were just being more aware of what was being spent (and not spending frivolously on coffees and random grocery/target stops) and allotted a certain amount of money towards groceries, each bill, spending money, and spending wisely, knowing where each dollar spent was going. I just wanted to try and contribute. But my husband reminded me that I do contribute. I take care of this family. I take care of this house. I take care of business every day, my biggest job being our beautiful daughter, then all the household stuff, making all the meals, cleaning, laundry, running errands, taking the dog on a walk, trash (so much trash! normal trash, recycling, litter, diapers!), and so so much more that each new day throws my way. I take care of it. And I needed that reminder. It’s never a good feeling to feel like you don’t contribute… but it’s always a great feeling when your reminded of how much you do do and how much you’re appreciated and how much you really do contribute. So don’t be so hard on yourself. And enjoy being the super mom/wife you are 🙂

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